Friday, July 29, 2016


It was as if the disaster in Japan had never happened. A French Nuclear conglomerate was about to begin construction of two huge reactors in southwest England. The British government suddenly did the right thing and put the project on hold - until the Fall.


The decision for a "fresh review" came from new PM Theresa May's office.

The NYTS reported, Friday July 29, that the "deal" was done. True, until the Prime Minister's office suddenly changed the green light to red.

Both opponents and supporters of the Nuke Plants had seen them as boosting the world-wide Nuclear Industry which had been in the doldrums since Fukushima.

Germany, for example, took all of its Nuke Reactors off-line in the wake of the Japanese disaster - a disaster that came very close to becoming catastrophic for residents of cities like Tokyo.

Critics attacked the new Nukes plan as a "risky route" to electricity generation. In addition to natural threats coupled with human error (Fukushima), we now have the ever-present possibility, even probability, of terrorism. 

As widely reported - terrorists in France and Belgium had been spying on Nuclear Plants and their personnel. So why create more targets for them?


UK Greenpeace scientist, Doug Parr: "No one worries about terrorists crashing planes into wind farms."

Not to speak of the creation of more enriched uranium and plutonium to add to the world's already dangerous oversupply. Japan itself has the capability to create thousands of nuclear bombs with the plutonium stockpiles already in its possession.

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Critics also worry about Chinese investment and involvement in the project. Fears, unfounded or not, that they can/will infect the plants' computer system in order to "shut down Britain's energy production at will" - quote from PM May's Joint Chief of Staff.


Backers of the project are confident that the British government will approve the plan this Fall. The situation bears watching!



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