Saturday, July 9, 2016


A chilling reminder, once again, that these Weapons of Ultimate Destruction are central to the strategic thinking of both sides of the East/West Divide (NATO and Russia).

From the NATO meeting in Warsaw, The New York Times reports that Nuclear Weapons are front and center in military discussions.


Citing the Alliance's NATO Review Journal that "Nuclear Weapons once again had to move back to the center of the alliance's defense plans" and that Nuclear Weapons drills "should be exercised openly and regularly" and further that these "exercises should not point to any specific nuclear thresholds that might signal to the Russians what it would take to provoke a nuclear response."

But some in the alliance are rightfully concerned about the contemplated use of these Weapons.

German Foreign Minister Steinmeir "criticized a major military exercise in Poland last month as saber-rattling for provoking the Russians." 

A dispute has arisen over whether "to tone down any potential provocations" regarding Nuclear Weapons.

A specific point of contention within NATO has been "whether to rid Europe of the B-61." NATO and U.S. Nukes are presently stored in several European nations, including Belgium. NATO member Turkey is also a storage site for B-61 Nuclear Bombs.


On their side, Mr. Putin and his military leadership have referred to the Russian ability to reduce America to "nuclear ash" and that they will respond in kind to any NATO Nuclear threats or posturing.


The leaders on both sides need to ratchet down the rhetoric when it comes to Nuclear Weaponry and the very real threat of Nuclear War. WORDS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

The late Jonathan Schell warned that a Nuclear War will start in minutes and be over in an afternoon.

And "Over" in this context means "Over and Out" for humanity and the world. A quick CLICK on the keyboard brings on Nuclear Annihilation.


CLICK to read the NYTS news article.

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