Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Think of our daily lives. What can we do in 12 minutes?

At work, we're taking a coffee break. At school, the kids are eating lunch or enjoying recess.The mailman is delivering letters on our street.



We're running an errand to the store. Running some books over to the library. Putting gas in the car.
Checking our e-mail. Maybe making an on-line purchase.
Taking a nap.


In that same 12 minutes, the President of the United States can take the Nuclear Football with its computer code cards, unlock our "hair-trigger" Nuclear Warheads and launch the war that really will end it all.





No one will be left - not us, not any future generation - to ever start any war anywhere ever again on what would be left of this earth.

Like his shadow, the bulky satchel follows the President around. The Vice-President is trailed by his own, duplicate, shadow.


There have been so many "close call", "near misses"with the world's Nuclear Weapons Arsenals. Examples:

1979 - Full scale launch against Soviet Union averted at last minute when U.S. Nuclear Weapons operators realize that they are watching a training video and not an actual attack on the U.S.

1996 - Russian President Yeltsin and his military mistake a research rocket launch for U.S. missiles heading for their homeland.
Yeltsin is handed "the football" and is ready to launch when the "error" is discovered.
                                                 See Command and Control Book and Upcoming Documentary Film
Any of these "false alarms" could have triggered Nuclear War.


That war which President Ronald Reagan said "can never be won and must never be fought".


Why do we put up with this?!
We do not have to sit by and wait for the inevitable to happen.

But as former Secretary of Defense William J Perry has reminded us, we must take action soon for Time Is Not On Our Side here.


"The indefinite combination of human fallibility and Nuclear Weapons carries a high risk of a potential catastrophe." Secretary of Defense, Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Robert S. McNamara


We cannot continue to allow a small group of "experts" in the Nine Nuclear Armed Nations to make Life and Death Decisions for everyone now living and for future generations yet to be born.

This situation is immoral and unconscionable!

We CAN and MUST do something about it.

100 Scientists (20 Nobel Prize winners) recently sent a letter to Mr. Obama advocating an end to our harrowing "hair-trigger alert" Nuclear Weapons posture.CLICK
SEE Letter


As citizens we can organize demonstrations. See the "Nuclear Freeze" movement's Million Person Gathering in Central Park in 1982.CLICK

AND in this Election Year, with the debates coming up, we can ask the candidates to state their positions on this crucial issue.
AND know your Senators and Representatives positions.






AND then VOTE! 

We can support and/or be involved in Legal Movements here and around the world:

The current Marshall Islands Lawsuits against the Nuclear Armed Nations.


The International Humanitarian Pledge Initiative now signed on to by 127 nations demanding a Legal Ban on Nuclear Weapons.


Please read our previous Posts and Links on this issue!

Be informed. Take a position. Act within the Law.
This is still a Democracy. We can make our voices heard. Our opinions count.

"Speak Truth To Power" is not a cliche. It really does work!
(See recent Textron Corp. decision to stop all production of Cluster Bombs).CLICK                           


It is our weapon of Self-Defense against the most deadly, devastating weapon in history.




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