Tuesday, September 27, 2016


"NUCLEAR WAR IS OUR SINGLE GREATEST THREAT." "Nuclear weapons. Nuclear armaments."

"We should end it. Just get rid of it."


So, at first, we think: "Okay!" Finally, a Presidential Candidate, DONALD TRUMP, willing to say that this IS the biggest, most urgent problem facing the world and humanity. A position this Blog has been staking out since it started. Put the problem out there. Make the public aware. Necessary first steps.

Mr. Trump's above statements have done that. MORE: When asked by moderator Lester Holt about the US refusal to pledge a policy of "No First Use/No First Strike" :

"I certainly would NOT do a first strike. Once it happens it's over."


"But I can't take anything off the table."

READ NEW YORK TIMES, Today's Article on this Subject

Candidate Trump has also mentioned during the campaign that perhaps South Korea and Japan should develop their own Nuclear Weapons!

Global Zero, one of the leading Nuclear Weapons Abolition organizations, sent out an e-mail to members prior to the debate asking them to ask Lester Holt to raise the Nuclear Threat issue.

Further, Global Zero has now committed itself to an "all out" campaign against Mr. Trump's candidacy, viewing him as "the greatest threat to a Nuclear Weapons Free Future that we have ever had."


Candidate HILLARY CLINTON points out that Mr. Trump's position on the Nuclear Arming of Japan and S Korea would be a violation of our decades-long position of Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation
which has been, she states, a cornerstone of US Nuclear Policy.


This, however, ignores the Nuclear Armed Nations' decades-long flouting of Article 6 of the NPT Treaty calling on these nations to dismantle and disarm their Nuclear Arsenals in exchange for all of the other nations of the world promising NOT to develop their own Nuclear Weapons.


A decision on the Defendant Nuclear Armed Nations' Motion to Dismiss the Marshall Islands' Lawsuit against them for violation of the Treaty is expected very soon. CLICK


Today's Blog Title is an appropriate reference to the TV film of 1983: The Day After. It is still the most-watched television film in history. Wikpedia



It depicted and dramatized the U.S. the day after a Nuclear War with the Soviet Union. We know now, thanks to his Diary, that Pres. Reagan was deeply affected by his viewing of this gut-wrenching film.
The film was fueled by and helped to fuel the Nuclear Freeze and Abolition Movements and led Reagan eventually to his historic summit with Gorbachev in Rejkavik with the intention of abolishing the Nuclear weapons threat once and for all.


We CAN still get there. And finish the job! IN OUR LIFETIMES. Precious Time is running through the hourglass of history.

This BLOG is non-partisan. Consistently viewing this Issue as too important and overwhelmingly urgent to be a political football. 

The choice is yours. Be knowledgeable. Keep working at it. Never give up! The present and future of our, the world of our children and grandchildren, is at stake. There must be a World left to leave them....


Ask the candidates what their positions are. Press for details. We caught a glimpse of their positions last night. (as contradictory as they may have been)
And don't forget your Senators and House members. They work for us! Demand to know their positions on this burning, urgent issue. 

And VOTE accordingly.





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